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Friday, February 25, 2005
  lion king
bennett's first grade class is performing the lion king this spring. b's been practicing the songs. over and over and over. he's pretty tuneless. we're pretty sick of the standard lyrics. perhaps that's why the alternate lyrics were going through my head while was alone and prone on a powdery mogul.
Thursday, February 24, 2005
  aweema wep
aweema wep aweema wep aweema wep aweema wep. in the white out, the total white out, the boarder takes wrong turn. on the black run, the double diamond, the snowboard catch an edge. aweema wep aweema wep aweema wep aweema WHAP!
Saturday, February 19, 2005
yay! we won the first round of playoffs last night. this will be the first time in several seasons that we advanced to the semi-finals. yay! usually we finish between first and third. this season we finished at the top of the bottom half. fortunately, the sixth place team beat the third place team so now we play the second place team instead of the first place team. go team go!
Friday, February 18, 2005
the beautiful and talented alisa and lucky me went to zucca's on castro street in mountain view. it was a sort of jewish italian place. she called it mediterranean. i'm sure she's right. jewish italian is humourouser. anywho, she looked great in this iridescent blue number, matching jewels, and spiffy new black leather jacket. the food stank. they should change the name to suckah's. it could refer to the food or to the customers.
Thursday, February 17, 2005
  torture victims
the united states has taken a rather interesting (stupid) position on whether torture victims are entitled to monetary compensation from the terrorist state that did the torturing. iraqi victims tortured by americans at abu ghraib /are/ entitled. but american solders tortured by saddam's regime some also at abu ghraib are /not/. the white house is fighting this one like crazy. it makes no sense. we're admitting that the united states is a terrorist state and is liable. at the same time we're saying that saddam's regime was not a terrorist state. it makes no sense whatsoever.
Wednesday, February 16, 2005
  drunk bleachers
so i've been running laps on the little league bleachers at the park near my house. running is the fastest way to get in shape. i'm too lazy to run like normal people. hence the bleachers. today i shared them with a drunk sleeping one off. it was raining. he hurled. whatever.
Tuesday, February 15, 2005
i scored two goals in the last game of the season. they doubled my season goal production. ah well, it goes that way some times. we'll play the same team next week in the playoffs. we finished fourth and they fifth. if they had won then we'd have finished fifth and they fourth. so it was a less than meaningful game. ah well.
Monday, February 14, 2005
  happy valentine's day
i have only one valentine. she has a master's degree in electrical engineering. she can cook. she can dance. and she has no freaking clue how beautiful she is.
Sunday, February 13, 2005
  netbank oops
apparently, i failed to pay my credit card bill last month. oops. that was a $100 error. well at least it wasn't the national debt. grumble grumble.
Saturday, February 12, 2005
  free pointers
programmers tend to think allocating a pointer is free. well, it ain't. try implementing malloc sometime to see why. for starters, the memory manager needs to track your block. so there's some overhead. typically 32 bytes. then there's padding. add 16 byte on average to get to the next 32 byte boundary. and 4 bytes of course for the pointer itself. don't forget the 4 byte pointer to a virtual method table in every instance of your class. big deal. memory's free. allocating and freeing pointers sure isn't. in fact, many memory manglers are written in such a way that one of those operations is constant time and the other is on the order of the number of blocks. that particular feature will eventually bring any computer to a grinding halt. fortunately, we have languages like java that hide all that stuff from us so nobody ever needs to know just how inefficient their code really is.
Friday, February 11, 2005
the scale at the gym says i've lost between 6 and 56 pounds this last month. useless thing.
Thursday, February 10, 2005
  global warming
march showers bring april flowers. hee hee.
Wednesday, February 09, 2005
  dinner party
we had a rather large dinner party: veggie and meaty lasagne, home made focaccia, salad, ice cream, home made peanut butter cookies. everything was really yummy despite 3 of 4 family members being sick. alisa is truly beautiful and talented. it didn't start out as a large dinner party. i invited two friends. they invited two friends. and so on and so forth. it became bring-your-own-plate. i was hoping we'd go another round. a bring-your-own-table dinner party would have amused me.
Tuesday, February 08, 2005
bennett came home from school with the flu, went to bed, and slept til morning. two days later garrett wakes up from nap with it. blech. fortunately, they both managed to barf in the toilet. alisa had a flu shot but is showing symptoms. wonder when i'll get it. all this while we're juggling a dinner party.
Monday, February 07, 2005
  $900 cookies
some nice little kids made cookies and left them for their neighbors. one suffered an axiety attack and went to the hospital. she sued the kids. they were fined $900. this colorado judge is giving the sunni clerics a run for the dumbass award. maybe i'll follow him around in my car and have an axiety attack when his brake lights come on. he'll have to fine himself $900. yeah, make checks payable to timmer.
Sunday, February 06, 2005
  planting trees
the best time to plant a tree is 50 years ago. the second best time to plant a tree is today.
Saturday, February 05, 2005
  iraq vote
i think if you're going to boycott an election you forfeit the right to say it lacks legitimacy. sunni clerics are strong contenders this for year's dumbass award.
Friday, February 04, 2005
  micron moron
this is one of alisa's stories. the v.p. of software wandered into her cube where she was laying out a pll and hovered over her shoulder. then he asked the infamous question, what's a micron? she thought, what's he asking me? does he not know what a micron is? can he really be that stupid? he is a software guy after all. and a v.p. so i guess maybe. she answers politely, it's a small unit of distance. there are a million in a meter. he says, no no what are the units on the screen? oh. the micron moron is now the ceo of google.
Thursday, February 03, 2005
  ford'ing debt
i woke up with two thoughts in my head this morning: president ford and the national debt. we could auction on ebay the privilege of being president for an hour. the proceeds would pay off the national debt. one hour before the next president is inaugurated, the vice president resigns, "dave" is appointed vice president, and the outgoing president resigns. dave gets to be in the history books as the n-ty nth president of the united states of america. and we pay off the national debt. i'm a genius. how much trouble could a person make in an hour? i mean really.
Wednesday, February 02, 2005
  big eyes
so i went flying today for the first time in a while. afterwards two little boys brought their dad by to look at all the airplanes they've flown in. they hadn't flown in mine. i told them they should. this one flies upside down. the little one's got real big. he proclaimed with a certain degree of reverence that an airplane that flies upside down is aerobatic. it was pretty cute.
Tuesday, February 01, 2005
i built a rack of shelves for in the boys' closet. it came out pretty good. i am not a fine craftsman by any means. but it's straight and sturdy. which is about as much as i was hoping for. now if only i can get the boys' toys out of the living room and onto the rack.
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